What is “I Live Like A Girl”?

Gender Roles in Children - Photo Credit Unknown
Photo Credit Unknown

I started this blog when I saw a photo circulate on Facebook (see attached). Too many magazines/blogs for women focus on the wrong things such as makeup, fashion, gender roles, losing weight to look good, articles on how to keep your man, and more. I feel that there are so many more topics that are left unwritten about that can benefit girls and women too! I love nothing more than a strong and successful woman with a self-worth, so this blog will be my attempt at providing support to girls and women of all ages with fun lifestyle topics.

Does that mean I think articles about makeup or weight loss are bad? Absolutely not. But I do think that it is important to convey those messages in the right way. Not to do it “for someone else” or so you “fit in with society’s standards or image of women”.


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