Let’s Talk Distracted Driving

Distracted driving often gets shrugged off by many, “oh it will only take a second to send this text”. But the reality is that second can cost you the world. Or that chapstick in your purse that you dig for. Or whatever it is that takes your focus off the road.

Let’s put this in easy to understand terms. On average we are 4-6 feet away from the car in the lane next to us (same or opposite direction of travel, unless there is a median separating us).

At 6.67mph you are driving 10 feet per second. So even at that low of a speed, looking away for one second can be disastrous.

At highway speeds of 50-66mph you are traveling 75-100 feet per second. Let me just repeat that, 75-100 feet per second. If you have an accident at highway speeds it can be deadly and when you only have a 4-6ft margin of error, one second of not paying attention just isn’t worth it.

So for yourself, and for everyone that loves you, as well as for everyone driving around you; just pay attention to the road.

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