Let’s Talk About Bad Days for a Minute

Yesterday was a really bad day, but I chose today to write about it. I wanted better perspective to give after I survived the bad day.

First and foremost, I survived the bad day. Today is definitely better than yesterday. But that doesn’t make yesterday feel any better.

Why was it bad you ask? Well yes, I’m the same amount of physically broken every day so clearly that wasn’t the only factor. I woke up in a funk. I wanted to cry over everything, yell at everyone, and every single thing frustrated me even though it’s all been the same for over a month (pain, nausea, not being able to go places, not being able to reach things, needing help with everything, not being able to do my passion, not seeing my horse, you name it).

There was no reason behind the funk that I could find but I was just above and beyond *down in the dumps* yesterday.

I even tried to force the bad mood away, made my boyfriend take me to dinner and, because of the TBI (brain injury), the atmosphere actually made me physically ill. That was just another defeat in what felt like the most horrendous day ever.

I vented to friends throughout the day, it didn’t really help. But they did come back with great feedback. I’ve been through A LOT and of course I’m going to have days like this. One bad day doesn’t make a bad life. Tomorrow will be better. And you know what, even though it didn’t actually help in the moment, they were all right.

Today is better, and yesterday is distant history.

So if you are having a bad day, that is ok. Scream, cry, punch a pillow; do whatever you need to, to work through it. But please remember that tomorrow WILL be better. And if you are going through something like me, look at yourself a week or month ago and celebrate the victories to try and help the mood soften a little.

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