Why Herbalife has made an impact on my life…

Weight GainSo, within the last couple of years I gained a little weight I wasn’t happy about but was not overly upset. I thought *eh, I will just walk/run more and it will go away*. But I never walked/ran more. Then within the last year I really have gotten uncomfortable in my own skin; I wasn’t obese or anything of the sort, but I definitely wasn’t happy with the extra lbs. I needed to do SOMETHING, and fake committing to getting more exercise wasn’t going to cut it.

I don’t have an extra hour per day to commit to finding gym time on top of my normal daily activity (nor is that completely appealing to me). I have a full-time job, I have a step-son, I have a relationship, I have pets, I have a house with the aforementioned beings to tidy up after, and I have a horse that is my top “outside of the home” commitment and gives me my “me” time. However I DO ride 4-5 times per week when not travelling for work… and when travelling I workout 2-3 times per week in the gym (elliptical and some weights) – so I am an active person. So I needed something that fit into my time constraints, and fit into my picky eating habits (I’m a meat-asauraus-rex…. as in I literally don’t eat veggies. The texture of most veggies makes me gag. I can handle beans and ketchup and that’s about it.)

Then I saw my cousin was doing Herbalife and having some fantastic results. I went back and forth for a few months on whether or not I should try it.. and then I saw myself in a sportsbra and yoga pants while travelling for work (see my “before photos” below) and decided Herbalife definitely couldn’t hurt the situation and worst case I’d be out a little bit of money. So I gave it a shot.

The first week in was a struggle. I won’t lie. Going from eating like complete garbage, whenever I wanted; to following a regimen (that didn’t involve a TON of bacon).. it was tough! But then week 2 came around. I felt free!!

I have never been a breakfast person, but now I think that might be due to figuring out what I needed to eat and instead saying “screw it” (who thought eating something small for breakfast could be a chore – apparently it was! Until now.). Instead I now just need to figure out what flavor shake I want – there are a TON of amazing flavors (and let me tell you since the discovery of a tsp. of instant coffee added into the morning shake, it’s been a life changer. HOWEVER, keep in mind that an orange cream coffee shake might not be the best idea).

Depending on how the rest of the day goes, depends on when I have my second shake. I will either have it for lunch or dinner (ok, duh!). Throughout the rest of the day, I will eat a couple of small healthy snacks; such as a cheese stick, apple with peanut butter, boiled egg, mama chia chia squeeze, hummus with whole grain crackers, etc. (If you like veggies, you can do stuff like that too. I’d be happy to give you snack ideas!) And whatever meal I don’t have the shake for, I will eat a small healthy meal. I have been doing frozen meals that average 300ish calories, but that is mainly because as I said I don’t have a ton of free time. On rare occasion I will cook an army’s worth of food and put together small Tupperware containers as my meal prep for the week. But I definitely have made an effort to make healthier lifestyle choices in regards to my dietary intake.

28 Pants thanks to HerbalifeAbout 2 months ago (70 days or 10 weeks to be exact), I started at 153lbs (my before pictures below). Today, I am happy to say I am down to 140lbs (my after pictures below). The average weightloss with Herbalife is 0.5lbs – 1lbs per week, however results may vary based on your personal metabolism, etc! And 2lbs per week is the maximum recommended weight loss per week according to WebMD. I unfortunately didn’t do measurements beforehand (I wasn’t very optimistic, to be honest), but I was squeezing into a size 30″ pant and was struggling with the start of floppy arms, and tons of cellulite on my hind area… I am now pulling up a 28″ pant with room to spare! The cellulite is dramatically decreased, and the arm flop is a thing of the past! A month ago, I literally couldn’t get these pants over my ass.. it wasn’t even a close fit! Now look at them! I have room to spare! (Insert happy dance). Mind you, I am not done yet. I have a ways to go, I am still eating healthy and staying active. But MAN the improvement is undeniable! Now I just need to find 15 minutes a day at home to really tone up my core more (I want washboard abs!!) and really get me the results I am looking for in my midsection!

Would it be “easier” to eat a bowl of potato chips and gallon of salsa at my favorite Mexican restuaruant? I dunno, maybe (oh it would taste good!). But anymore I truly think I would argue that it wouldn’t be easier! Does that mean I don’t eat chips and salsa? HELLO NO! And to clarify since I am a meat-asaurus-rex, it HAS to be restaurant style (not chunky) salsa. Every once in a while I will have a cheat meal, or even a cheat day (and even those “cheats” have evolved, no more is it gorge until I bust.. it is eat some, fill the craving, and be done)! But instead of that being my norm, that is my treat. No different than having a few drinks is a treat with friends on occasion. Does that mean I don’t enjoy my day to day life meals/eating habits? Not at all. I love it. I have had a blast figuring out shake combinations and flavors to mix things up. The ease and even time saving of cooking for myself has been great too. AND it has even saved on dishes!!! And I honestly have more energy on Herbalife, than I have in a long time.

If you are looking for a healthier lifestyle, and weight loss, then click this link to learn more. Keep in mind, everyone is different so results may vary! Or even if you are just curious  about gaining more energy or eating healthier, give it a shot! I am here to help you the entire way, let me help customize your nutrition and health plan!

OK, so now the big question – what EXACTLY did I do to get here? What am I continuing to do?

Herbalife Shake in a Blender Bottle
Herbalife Shake in a Blender Bottle

My regimen included, and still includes:

  • 2 shakes per day (1 scoop of Protein Mix and 2 scoops of Formula 1 mix). All you need is a blender bottle (the kind you shake with the separator inside, no actual blender is needed). For a month you will need 2 tubs of Formula 1 – $39.90/each and 1 tub of protein mix – $63.70.
  • 1 scoop of Prolessa Duo per day (I personally use it in my PM shake, to help curb my night time snacking tendencies but if you have a harder time with snacking in the morning, do it with your morning shake). This is a dual action hunger control and fat-reduction powder. 1 tub will last a month – $106.85. 
  • 3 pills per day of the Formula 2 Multivitamin Complex1 bottle will last a month – $24.35.
  • 3 pills per day of the Thermo-Bond. 1 bottle will last a month – $27.80.
  • 2 pills per day of the Cell Activator; Mitochondrial and Nutrient Absorption Support1 bottle will last a month – $26.70.
  • I also on occasion drank the Herbal Tea Concentrate (Boosts Metabolism). However that was hard for me because I am sweet tea drinker, and this is non-sweetened! (Recommended 2x per day). 1 bottle will last you about a month – $42.55.

The cost is no more than you would spend otherwise on groceries for yourself (and is actually cheaper in the long run). It is also WAY cheaper than stopping at a fast-food joint.

Keep in mind that Herbalife offers a TON of products, so you can very easily customize a plan to fit your needs AND budget. If you are looking for a healthier lifestyle, weight loss, or more enegery; then click this link to learn more and get started today. USE COUPON CODE ILIVELIKEAGIRL TO GET 10% OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME!

Some other key pieces of info to consider when ordering the shakes are: make sure your protein flavor is one that will mix well with your Formula 1 flavors (chocolate protein and orange cream formula 1 might be a bad combo – the vanilla protein goes with everything well), You will need 1 large container of Protein Mix & 2 Large containers of the Formula 1 for a month worth of shakes at 2x per day.

Please don’t judge.. these photos were really hard for me to post! Here are my before/after photos! Click each photo for a larger non-cropped version.

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