Cursive Handwriting – Teach Yourself!

new_american_cursiveA lot of schools no longer find a need to teach cursive. With keyboards being such a large apart of our lives, you might understand why. But if you stop to think about it, how are kids going to learn to sign their name if they don’t even know cursive?

Also, if you cannot read cursive, you cannot read the original Declaration of Independence! That is an important part of our country and if you can’t read it, you are missing out. (And no, reading re-prints in print just doesn’t count!) This goes for many older documents. Or even letters from the past from family members that may no longer be with us.

It’s actually faster to take notes in cursive as well. No unnecessary lifting your pen off the paper.

Here’s a great resource on how to teach yourslef (or kid) cursive:

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