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Revel Nail Sculptor Color Change

So a few months ago, I started doing my own nails with dip powder. I used to get them done in the salon, but that was not realistic with all the medical bills I have had come my way since the accident (not to mention time constraints since I have so much PT etc. to do during “business hours”).

I was really worried the first time that it would be out of my league and way too hard, but it was surprisingly easy!

I really like dip nails because of the strength it ads to your nails, and the AMAZING durability. Seriously, you can muck stalls, do chores, etc. and they hold up REALLY well.

Fast forward to my most recent surgery two weeks ago. I have had nothing much to do in my free-time other than sit on my butt since I cannot get around super well yet, watch TV, look at Pinterest, and I found a Facebook Group for other people who use the particular brand of dip powder that I use, Revel Nail.

So now that I have been doing my nails weekly, looking at Pinterest nails, seeing the amazing colors of the other members of this Facebook group… I ordered a ton more colors. I am officially stocked on colors. #addicted

But realistically, each manicure costs me MAYBE $2 in supplies and about 1-1.5 hours of my time depending on how complicated I make the design/colors.

I’ve had a ton of people ask me where I get my stuff and if it is hard once they learned I do my own nails, so wanted to share the info!

If you want to check out Revel Nail (the brand I use) you can here.

If you want to checkout the Facebook group you can here.

If you are curious to see the process of application, watch this video!

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