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On June 17, 2018 (a little over a month ago) my life, and in turn this blog, have changed forever. I was involved in a head-on collision where someone came into my lane, we were both doing around 65mph according to the police report. My car, and my body, were demolished. After I finally came-to enough to remember anything, one of my attending nurses in ICU told me that with my injuries I had a 2% chance to live (and I already had beaten those odds). On top of all the injuries I sustained, surgeries I underwent, that really left a mark on me. I am so beyond thankful to have this life, and have the opportunity to hopefully do something wonderful with it.

This accident and the rehab I am going through have really made me realize how little we all appreciate the tiny (HUGE) things in life. Just a few examples: not having to plan a 30 minute trip to the bathroom to avoid peeing your pants because it takes that long to get there, being able to use a toilet instead of a bedpan, being able to wipe yourself, brushing your own hair, taking any sort of shower instead of having someone sponge bathe you, stand up, walking ANYwhere, hugging the ones you love without physical pain, and the list goes on for miles.

Because of these realizations, and the support I’ve received, I want to make sure no one ever feels alone going through something like this (or through anything). There are huge highs where you are thankful to be alive, there are huge lows where you wonder why me and can I handle this, and there is everything in between. I want you to know you ABSOLUTELY CAN HANDLE whatever you are going through, it is only temporary, and we all go through the same feelings. You are not alone. These swings are normal.

If you feel out of control, don’t be afraid to ask for help; from family, from friends, from a professional, from anyone. If you know someone going through a rough time, check in with them regularly, they need it more than they will ever let on.

And I am only an email or Facebook message away if you need someone and have no one to reach out to.

I will be sharing the ups and downs of my journey back to normalcy with you through this blog, along with other inspirational and helpful articles, and I hope it helps you understand that what you are feeling or going through is ok. And to allow yourself Grace through whatever you are fighting.

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